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East from Cairo all through the Sinai to the Red Sea I came to visit the holiday pearl of Egypt, Dahab. 

This is a small picturesque town, one of the preferred vacation destinations of the Egyptians. The atmosphere, as they describe it, is more open minded, relaxed, and liberal. I stayed here for one week with couch surfer Ahmed.
From the beach you can see the coast of Saudi Arabia on the other side of the Red Sea.

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Dahab is on the border of the Sinai region, but a one day trip to the middle of it would take me to an incredible place.

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The remote Monastery of Saint Catherine is the start of a 5 hours night hike to the top of Mount Sinai to watch the sunrise. What is so famous about this place is that here Moses received the Ten Commandments. There is also a small chapel on the top.

Once we came back down we went inside the historic monastery, where we spotted the burning bush seen by Moses according to the Old Testament. This site is sacred to Islam, Christian, and Judaism.

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Back in Dahab the main attraction is scuba diving and snorkeling, due to the abundant and colorful sea life. A few kilometers up the coast there is the famous Blue Hole, a spot right next to the beach where a circular wall in the water drops over 100 meters deep. The scenery and sea life here is amazing. I visited this place with Omar, a friend from Cairo.

And here are some pictures of that trip.

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I hope you liked what Dahab has to offer as much as I did. With this place I finish my trip in Africa. Well, technically I left Africa when I crossed the Isthmus of Suez before entering Sinai.
I continued north on the Egyptian red sea coast all the way up through Israel to get to Jordan, not in Africa anymore. And I will tell you all about it on the next post.


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