Abu Simbel

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A day trip 300 km south the Nubian Peninsula takes me close to the border with Sudan to visit the Abu Simbel temples.

It’s amazing how many of these incredible structures you can find all through Egypt in places so far away, and I’ve only seen a few. Abu Simbel is a small city, that I didn’t visit, I just came here for the temples.

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The temples in Egypt were built some times during many centuries; these were completed during the reign of Ramesses the Great in 1265 BC. They were dedicated to the gods Amun, Ra-Horakhty, and Ptah, but also depict hieroglyphs of the life of the society at the time and war victories of the pharaoh. The Statues on the front are 20 meters tall.

They lay by the Nile, no surprise there, but it’s interesting to know that they were relocated 200 meters inland to avoid getting flooded. The project by UNESCO managed this challenge by cutting the temples in cubes of about 20 tones and then relocating them. So now they are safe from water and we can enjoy visiting them and the views of the Nile, which is about 3 kilometers wide here.

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Since this was a day tour, after visiting I went back to Aswan, and then to Cairo, that I have already posted about, so the next post you will see is on a completely different part of Egypt, but one of the most touristic ones.



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