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This little town is not even remotely touristic, but I’m glad I stopped here. 

I left Addis Ababa in direction east. My first stop was a random town in the map that I chose so that the trip wouldn’t be so long. Funny enough I recognize the most characteristic sight of this town from a movie I saw on an African film festival back in Mozambique. The movie is called Crumbs, and it’s an Ethiopian science-fiction movie.

Metahara lays by lake Basaka and there is an old abandoned railroad that crosses both the town and the lake, making en exceptional sight of a train track on the lake. That’s not the only eye-catching sight of the town; the mountains also provide a nice view.

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Because this town is not touristic people are very surprised to see a foreigner, they want to talk to you and meet you, but here you don’t have to stand wanna-be tour guides and other people insisting to sell you something, like it happens in small touristic towns.

Instead, this was a good opportunity to walk around the small market and see what products are produced and consumed in Ethiopia. It caught my attention that they sell pasta in the same way of spices, they keep them in big bags and sell them per kilo. In this area they produce a lot of “khat” also, which is a leaf that people chew in several African countries on this region. Chewing “khat” has stimulant properties, it’s a common historical social activity, and it’s considered a low risk drug.

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Just one night was enough to see this little town and get a good impression of it. Then I move on to my destination Harar.


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