Addis Ababa

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The Ethiopian capital lays among hills in the center of the country. It’s also home to the African Union, that started here.

I think there is much of the Ethiopian culture I have yet not said, like the population of over 100 million people is composed of more than 80 different ethnic groups, of which two of them make up to the 60 %, Amhara and Oromo. The country was under communist regime during a few years. They are the only African nation that hasn’t been conquered by any European country during the Colonialism. The first humans are believed to be originated from this region. For this and other reasons Ethiopians are very proud people.

Ethiopia amaze me at times on how developed it is in some areas. Like many African countries, it has developed a lot on the last couple of decades, and you can see that on the roads and the streets of the capital. Still, in this city I’ve seen a much larger amount of beggars than any other.

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In many street monuments there is The Lion of Judah, representing Jesus. The city lights up at night colorfully.

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I was in Addis Ababa (just Addis for the friends) three times. I came back twice after leaving to visit different parts of the country. I stayed with couch surfers Million, Megdelawit and a friend I met many years ago in another corner of the continent, Beruk. They made sure I got to know the Ethiopian welcoming culture.

In Addis there is Merkato, the biggest market in Africa, where you can find all kind of products, many of them coming from China. Nevertheless, supermarkets are hard to find anywhere, there are mostly small shops and mini-markets, and many products that are common internationally here are imported, very expensive, and out of reach for most people; for example, dairy products, pork, fruits that are not grown in Ethiopia like apple, etc. In the shops you can find some local products with a brand style that makes it look like international products.

In the History Museum you can find the bones of one of the most significant archaeological discoveries, the Australopithecus Lucy.

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There are many beautiful churches and cathedrals, of which I visited a few. A lot of vendors in the streets sell religious products like crucifixes, images, bracelets and bibles. Ethiopia is in general a very religious country .

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There is so much to learn in the capital, and many of those things I get to see as I travel on.


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