Arba Minch and Dorze village


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Arba Minch lays on a plain on top of a hill, overlooking at the forest and the lakes Chamo and Abaya.

Going to the city I contemplated the way the farmers still use old technics. I stayed in Arba Minch with a local Couch Surfer named Abera. He showed me around when he was not at work. We went to a forest home to the “40 hot springs” that give the name to the city.

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Then I also walked a lot around the town, mostly on the big streets and occasionally getting lost in the small market streets checking out the local products and spices. The city offers greats views of the mountain on one side and the lakes and forest on the other side of the city.

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A few kilometers up the mountain outside the city live the Dorze people.

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I visited a village where they showed me how they live, what they eat and drink, and what they do for income as well.

They harvest the inside on the “false banana tree” (it looks like a banana tree but doesn’t give banana) and ferment it to cook it later making a food they call “kocho” which they eat with hot spices and a potent alcoholic drink. They also use the fibers to make threads to make clothes. One of the houses was separated by a small wall that divided the area where the people live and the cows, all under the same roof.

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I move on from Arba Minch towards Awassa, leaving behind the tribal regions. From now the regions will be predominantly Orthodox or Muslim.


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