I made one stop between Mombasa and Nairobi, my second try to see the famous Kilimanjaro mountain, this time from the Kenyan side right at the border with Tanzania. 

The ride from Mombasa to Loitokitok was very tiring. I had to take a bus from Mombasa at 6 in the morning and after 6 hours change to another bus, then 5 more hours on that bus on a very bumpy and dusty road. At least the landscapes were amazing, and it was all worth it after I overnight at Loitokitok and woke up the next morning to see the Kilimanjaro mountain right from hotel’s door.

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When I arrived the previous evening the mountain was completely covered by clouds, so I crossed my fingers that I could see it the next morning. Indeed, in the early hours the sky was clear and the clouds only accumulated around the mountain by noon.

I walked around the town the first evening and the next morning to see Kilimanjaro from different points of view. It was a wonderful sight.
This town seemed different, the people were not as interested in selling me anything as they usually did in other touristic cities. Instead, people seemed very busy working in the street; welding, carpentering, selling  goods, etc. One of the most common shops are the butcheries, that often work as a restaurant as well.

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Just one night is enough to see what I was hoping for and I move on to Nairobi, where Alex is waiting for me.


Author: ubuntutravelblog

I'm from Argentina and I have a passion for traveling. On April '16 I started a trip around Africa and I created this blog to share this adventure with my family and friends.

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