After hours on buses going through bad roads, military control stops and taking a boat Alex and I arrive in the island of Lamu. 

The military control points are due to political issues in the area, that is close to the border with Somalia. It was a long trip, but it was worth it. We arrive in a very special time, as Lamu is a Muslim town and they are celebrating Mawlid, “Birth of the Prophet”. Muslims from all of Kenya come to celebrate at this touristic destination.

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Lamu reminds me of Ilha do Ibo in Mozambique and Stone Town in Zanzibar, a mix of Muslim and European architecture on an insular town. This one is a bit disconnected from the rest of the country. One of the most distinct characteristics of Lamu is the donkeys. The streets are too narrow for cars, even for motorbikes, so people use donkeys as a mean of transport or carrying loads.

We enjoy getting lost on those narrow and mysterious streets. We can always follow the water of the visible sewer system next to the buildings that lead us to the main road in the coast, where most people walk and stop for a drink or snack by the street vendors.

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Lamu is a UNESCO world heritage site. We left after only two days. We have a long way back south to Mombasa before we start going inland.


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I'm from Argentina and I have a passion for traveling. On April '16 I started a trip around Africa and I created this blog to share this adventure with my family and friends.

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