Mombasa island


I was three times in Mombasa, as this is a hub that connects all coastal towns to the rest of Kenya. 

Did the beat get your mood up? This is the most common song we hear in the streets of Kenya.
In Mombasa I stayed with two couch surfers the first time. Mohamed, whom I would meet again after Mombasa, and Sirlym, who hosted me together with his lovely wife Maryam. Mohamed’s family was very welcoming and Sirlym showed me around on his motorbike. We hanged out with his friends by the coast eating snacks made on the spot, like grilled maze or cassava chips. There are a few places like this where local people gather to look at the sea while eating snacks and drinking tea no matter how hot it is.

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The second time I was in Mombasa I came with Alex. The central district of Mombasa is in an island, so we have to take a ferry to get there. Then I showed Alex the places I have visited before.

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Alex and I turn red every day, as the temperature doesn’t drop from 30ºC during the day. In the evening there is a breeze that comes from the sea and makes the temperature and weather just ideal to walk around. We visited Fort Jesus and the Old Town area.

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The third time I was in Mombasa I was actually just passing by and stayed only for one night, but I got a warm feeling of being in a place I’m familiar with.


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