The Amboni caves of Tanga


Heading north again from Dar es Salaam I move to Tanga, a peculiar city in Tanzania, where I visited the Amboni caves.

I stayed in Tanga with Ibrahim, a Tanzanian guy who is starting a watermelon farm. Yummy. His cousin George took me around everywhere in his bike.

First we visited the farm, then the caves and then the city and the coast line.

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The city was surprisingly clean. Most cities in Tanzania and other African countries are full of litter.

dscf6386-copy dscf6377-copyThe Amboni caves were amazing. I’ve been to many caves in different countries and this were probably the best. This caves were formed when this area of the land was covered by water. There are small passages and big chambers, some with holes in the ceiling that allow rays of natural light to come in. The ground above is just a few meters away and the trees drop their roots down through the cave’s walls. It’s very creepy also, full of bugs of all kinds, the smallest frogs and biggest spiders I’ve ever seen, the whip spider, that is capable of eating bats. You can hear the bats screeching all through the cave.

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This caves were a great adventure, and the guide made it seem so natural and comfortable. As I leave Tanga I leave also Tanzania behind. My next post will be in Kenya!


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