Dar es Salaam


DeS is the economic capital of Tanzania, diverse with packed busy markets, business buildings and beautiful beaches altogether. 

I was first in Dar es Salaam for a few days before my mother came to visit me, but then I was busy mostly organizing the trip with my mother. After my mother left I stayed in Zanzibar, and there I met another Travel Blogger and Couch Surfer from Turkey, Cansu. We traveled together with the ferry from Stone Town to Dar es Salaam. We stayed with my friend Belal, an awesome guy from Pakistan.

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The first impression of the city was a bit shocking for Cansu. We went to visit the central market area, which was even more crowded than usual; it was hard to walk. Vendors display their goods in the street, so there is little  space to walk for so many people, less for cars to pass. You can buy anything here though.

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The other days we could enjoy different parts of Dar es Salaam less stressing. The Masaki area is more fancy, residential and touristic; also more expensive.

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Then there is Kigamboni, an area on the other side of Dar es Salaam. We took a tuk-tuk, a ferry and walked for a while to get to a local beach resort. There were many people because it was Sunday. Most people did’t know how to swim so they got in the water with float tubes. It’s cute to see adults wearing float tubes in a beach with no waves.

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After Dar es Salaam, Cansu went to South Africa and I kept travelling north. If you’d like to check out her travel adventures, this is her blog: Life in 3 Words. It’s in Turkish, but the pictures are great.

Last, here’s a video of some things I saw in DeS.


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I'm from Argentina and I have a passion for traveling. On April '16 I started a trip around Africa and I created this blog to share this adventure with my family and friends.

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