Stone Town, Zanzibar


After venturing with the camping safari my mother and I flew to the famous archipelago Zanzibar.

We stayed here for two days and then went to see another part of Zanzibar. After that she went back home and I came back to Stone Town. My mother and I walked around the city, checked out the Slaves Market heritage site and passed by the first house of Freddie Mercury, who was borne here.

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Stone Town is just the tip of Zanzibar City. The streets have a mix of Arabic and European architecture due to its history, but the buildings look wrecked, with muddy walls and rusty roofs. The city is like a mess but getting lost is all part of the charm.

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You can appreciate the sea or go swimming on different spots, at sunset is particularly pretty.

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A great place to spend time and having dinner was the Forodhani Gardens, located by the sea, where every evening there is a food market with a lot of variety of local food and vibrant atmosphere.

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Another place that stands out in the coastal area of Stone Town is the Old Fort. Inside they sell handicrafts, clothes and paintings on one side, and on the other side there are bars and an amphitheater.



I was glad to visit the House of Wonders, which is a museum closed for restoration that some local people open for visitors when they see fit. The roof offers great views of the city.


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I spent a lot of time at the Dhow Countries Music Academy where I went to play piano and made some friends. Some evenings I went to listen to concerts of Taarab music, traditional in Zanzibar, like the ones you’ve seen in the video at the beginning of the post. In addition, it’s an interesting building with fantastic views from the balcony.

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After my mother left I stayed in Zanzibar for over a month getting to know the island, but mostly based in Stone Town. Here I stayed with my friend Garry from Australia. I had the opportunity to help out Garry with the organization of a charity project for a Retirement Home to bring the people staying there many things the need.

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Although walking in the streets was often very annoying, with many people trying to sell me something and following me for long time to insist, I met a lot of lovely people that were interested in more than just your money and I also made some friends.

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So this is a special place, with a mix of cultures and lots to offer if you look for it enough.


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