Maasai village


On our way to Serengeti National Park we passed by a Maasai village. The Maasai people still maintain nowadays most of their traditions.

The Maasai greeted us with a dance, the women on one side and the men on other. Then we went inside the village, that is organized in a way that the houses form a circle around the center, like a “boma”. They sang a little more, showed us how high the Maasai can jump, told us more about their culture and then showed us the inside of a house.

In the house the Maasai, who spoke English very well and some Spanish too, explained some things about their culture, like that the Maasai’s economy is based on their cattle, they believe in Nature and God (not the christian God though) and the men can have up to 5 wives.

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Finally we walked around the boma where they display some handicraft for sell before we left.

I met many Maasai in other parts of Tanzania and they usually speak more English than most of the other Tanzanians that live in small towns and nowadays many of them grow up in cities.


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