Last city I visit in Mozambique as I make my way to Tanzania. Things start to change a little bit already here.

Palma is another coastline fishing town. Last city before the border with Tanzania, it seems a little bit disconnected from the rest of Mozambique. There is absolutely no tourism here, it’s very local; and most people don’t even speak Portuguese, but Swahili. I wasn’t expecting it. People are not used to tourists here and walking the streets I hear “mzungu!” every second step. Mzungu means “white person”, it’s not derogatory but I still correct them sometimes: “My name is David, not mzungu… nice to meet you.”

Many people want to talk to you to sell you something, even if it’s just information like directions. Still, most people are friendly and helpful.

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I spend these days studying the route to Tanzania and organizing my incoming trip with my mother, who is coming to visit soon.



Author: ubuntutravelblog

I'm from Argentina and I have a passion for traveling. On April '16 I started a trip around Africa and I created this blog to share this adventure with my family and friends.

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