Pemba is an interesting city, it’s a port city and the capital of the province of Cabo Delgado. 

I arrived in Pemba by night and Ivan picked me up at the bus station. He is the contact I got from the immigration office in Nacala. He helped me with the immigration process in Pemba, but he didn’t do just that, he took me to his friend’s Danilo who hosted me for the next few days. They are both great guys and we hanged out during the evenings.

Pemba was a great improvement respect to Nacala. The city, the people and the beach are much nicer here. The north of Mozambique is pretty much like the south with a few small differences.

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I noticed that here the main religion is Muslim, not Catholic like in the south. This is not an issue though, people don’t care what other’s religion is here. It’s interesting that when you ask someone how they are doing sometimes they respond “Bem, graças a Deus” which means “Good, thanks God” (instead of thanks Allah); even if they are Muslim they adopted the Portuguese phrase. Another difference from the south is that here people are less used to tourists.

The food is great here. Every time I want to take a picture of the food I forget as soon as I get the plate in front of me. But it’s great though, trust me.

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One of the main touristic attractions of Pemba is Praia do Wimbi, although now it’s low season.

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With my visa application successful, I get back on the road to the next place, Ilha do Ibo. A long journey is ahead of me.



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