Ilha de Moçambique


The first person I met when I arrived in Ílha was Harry Potter. 

Getting to Ilha took a long trip. From Quissico I left early in the morning to Maputo to catch a flight to Nampula in the afternoon. I had to fly because there are two provinces in the center of Mozambique where there is an armed conflict and the severity of the situation was not even very clear. After spending one night in Nampula I took two combis to get to the bridge that connects Ilha de Moçambique with the continent.

On the way to the airport on a motorbike taxi

As I arrived in the island I started walking on the main road towards the center of the city, when a guy on a motorbike approaches me and offers to show me around and introduces himself as Harry Potter. This was amusing but not surprising, since I heard about him before from other travelers. I jumped on his motorbike and he took me to a backpackers.


Genito, aka Harry Potter, is a local guide and an entrepreneur. I met him again in the streets one morning and he was conducting interviews with local people to make a documentary. I joined him as I was sightseeing already and it was very interesting to get to know about the way people live, trade and survive in the island.

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Ilha is a very special place. In a way it looks like an old colonial town that was abandoned centuries ago and re-inhabited by the local people. There are houses made of bricks and concrete and others made of wood and bamboo, the museum that used to be the governor’s house and there are also two fortresses.

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In the evening the appeal is different but the charm doesn’t fade.

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There are also beautiful islands around. I took a boat trip on a dhow boat to Cabeçeira Pequenha. Enzo took me to the Vasco Da Gama well, then we walked around the village and we did some snorkeling. Unluckily it was a rainy day, but still great.

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I stayed 5 days and then moved on to Nacala. Goodbye Ilha!



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