Quissico, Timbila Festival

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Before and after Vilanculos I passed by Quissico. The second time, I got to assist the Timbila Festival commemorating the town’s anniversary. 

Quissico is a small town that lays between the main road and a lake. On the other side of the lake there is a piece of land and then the ocean. The area all around is like a forest of palm trees. Almost all the houses in the town are huts, except for the church. The church looks kind of modern.

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The second time I was in Quissico I went with a friend from Inhambane for the Timbila Festival in which they celebrate the town’s 44th anniversary. Mbila (Timbila in plural) is an instrument typical of this province that is like a xylophone but uses dried calabashes as resonant.

The stage where they hold the ceremony had spectacular views of the lake on the back. After some speeches they performed some games like “tug of war” (so that people wouldn’t fall asleep) and then they had a timbila concert with children performing a tribal dance. After the ceremony finishes, of course, people dance; everyone dances in Mozambique.

After spending the day in the town we went to overnight at the Eco Lodge, on the other side of the Lake. The best thing about the Eco lodge is that you can see the sunset on the lake side and drive to the ocean side to watch the sunrise.

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The place is beautiful, and it’s really in the middle of nowhere, there are only a few huts close by. The downside is that you need to cater for yourself, as there is no drinkable water or food and the lights have limited time as they work on a battery charged by solar panels. In the evening we sat by the fire with other guests of the lodge and listened to a guy playing some traditional song on a kalimba.

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I left Quissico early on Saturday morning, with a long trip ahead. A road trip to Maputo and then a flight to Nampula, in north Mozambique.



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  1. Hey David! Como estas? Amazing advenutre. Congrats, it is very nice written and described. Aqui Jon, el chico vasco que viajaba con mi chica Arrate. Como todo por el norte de Mozambique? Sigues en Mozambique? No pares de escribir!

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