Vilanculos, Beach Village Lodge

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Finally… Paradise. 

After Inhambane I passed by Quissico, but I will make another post about it because I passed by again.
I stayed two weeks in Vilanculos. I was very lucky to find this lodge ran by Alfredo, a really nice Mozambiquean guy, who made sure I had a great, relaxing time in Vilanculos. The lodge is called Beach Village. There I made friends with the personal; we ate together every day, had drinks and shared stories. During all this time I would spend the mornings taking a walk on the beach or around town and the afternoons playing football on the beach and going for a swim.

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The beach here is shallow for many hundreds of meters. The main industry here is fishing, so I joined some fishermen at the beach pull a rope to get a fishing net out of the water; what I didn’t know is that the rope was about 600 meters long. We were pulling that rope for over an hour. I got sunburned. They gave me some fish as a reward.

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One of the highlights of my stay was watching a red full moon rising in the ocean, and then the sunrise the next morning.

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I went on a tour to Bazaruto island with a Spanish group and had a lot of fun. The island has beautiful beaches and sand dunes, and a natural coral reef close by where we went to see some fishes snorkeling.

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I loved this place. I took my time here also to find out about the route to the next city. Unfortunately, there is an armed conflict on the 2 provinces to the north and it’s not safe to go that way. I had to go back south to Maputo to take a flight to Nampula, but first I will make a stop in Inhambane and visit some friends.



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