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I haven’t written in a long time so I’ll make it up to you with a long post with cool pictures. 

I took a “machibombo” (bus) from Xai Xai to Inhambane, capital city of the Inhambane province, which I would explore for the following month. The bus rides can be long here because it’s a big country; the main road that connects all mayor cities in Mozambique is 2500 kilometers long. For this reason, every time the bus stops people come by the window to sell food and drinks. It’s normal to get a take away of, for example, grilled chicken with rice, chips and salad to eat on the bus, most likely with your hands. Local products are very cheap, a mandarin or clementine is 2 Meticals, less than 3 cents of euro.

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I stayed with a couch surfer called Beny, he is a great guy, he let me stay at his house after he went on holiday, so I stayed longer than planned in Inhambane. I got time to renew my 30 days visa and I made friends with an Italian and Spanish group of people working for NGOs and locals as well.

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Local people are very friendly, especially with tourists, and some times it’s hard to keep track of whom you met already or who is just smiling at you in the street.

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I was actually surprised by Inhambane, it’s a cute colorful city with a mix of local and European colonial architecture and amazing views of the bay and the open sea. It’s very safe and the city is small so it’s easy to move around even by night. I was out almost every night to eat with friends or watch a movie of the African Film Festival at the local theater.

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In this following picture the stores on all four corners of the intersection are painted red for Coca-Cola and Vodacom. I found it striking.

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To go to the immigration office I had to go to Maxixe on the other side of the bay. A nice boat ride that I did many times during my stay in Inhambane.

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There is a little bit more of Inhambane in this video.

I visited a resort in Massinga with some of the Italian friends where we spent the day playing beach volley, billiard, ping pong and drinking a cocktail of coconut with rum and sprite (inside the coconut).
Also the town of Tofo was nice to visit a few times, as it is the touristic destination of the area.


That’s it. I spent a long time in Inhambane because I really liked it and made some friends. At the moment I’m still in Inhambane province, in Vilanculos, where I also found a little place that I made my home. For now, I leave you with my favorite picture of Inhambane.

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