Xai Xai

DSCF3152 - Copy

No, I didn’t go to China. Xai Xai is a city in Mozambique, and if you think the name sounds funny, wait until I get to Vilankulos.

Solene and I couch surfed here with a lovely South African couple who owns a shop by the beach (couldn’t ask for a better set up). There’s not much to see or do in Xai Xai other than the typical markets and local dinning places, but a few kilometers from the city is the beach. Gorgeous.

We had some rain, which is not bad. I hadn’t had rainy days like this for months, so it was nice for a change. Here summer is the rainy season. That didn’t stop me from swimming though.



Author: ubuntutravelblog

I'm from Argentina and I have a passion for traveling. On April '16 I started a trip around Africa and I created this blog to share this adventure with my family and friends.

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