Victoria Falls

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The pearl of Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is a 1708 meters combined wall of water falling down 108 meters on the Zambezi River, which marks the border with Zambia. It’s hard to tell what’s the best part of the view, the falls, the nature, the mist, the rainbows… 

I took two combis from Kesane, Botswana, to get to the border with Zimbabwe. After walking across the border I got a shared taxi to Victoria Falls. I stayed the first night at a backpackers where I saw a performance of tribal dances. The second night I stayed with a couch surfer, Foster, in a hut at his lovely village, and then I stayed with another couch surfer, Sheik, in Victoria Falls town.

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There are many view points around the Victoria Falls, and the closer you get to the bigger falls the rain becomes heavier and you get completely wet. You can also cross the bridge to walk to Zambia.

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Crossing the bridge to Zambia.

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Around the streets of Victoria Falls you can find a lot of handicraft, and a lot of the fauna of the area. It’s a beautiful place.
They use US dollars in Zimbabwe due to the Hyperinflation they had a few years ago, when stacks of cash were worth less than a dollar, so nowadays you can actually get USD on any ATM.

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