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My last stop with the Baz Bus, Durban. Third biggest city in SA, home to the biggest port in Africa and biggest Indian community outside of India, this city is rich in diversity, culture and beauty.

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Durban has a gorgeous coastline that extends by the Indian Ocean, so people enjoy the warm water with many different activities like surfing, scuba diving, or simply swimming at the beach.

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I stayed here with two different couch surfers, the first one Dave who has a lovely guest house where I stayed, and the second one was Daniel. He is a well traveled guy, very friendly and knowledgeable of Africa, so he took the time to tell me about his travel stories around Africa and give me some tips and advises. This is the view from Daniel’s apartment:

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The beach is not the only great thing Durban has to offer. This cosmopolitan city has delicious food of Indian, African and European influence. It was very interesting to visit the art galleries, like the Bat Center, or the Zulu market where they sell leafs and roots for Zulu Muti (traditional medicine). It’s really enjoyable to walk the city and get to know the people. People here love being taken pictures.

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“The Playhouse Company” theater particularly called my attention, by the look from outside and the decoration of the walls inside the sitting area. Walking in the streets you can also find the typical African handcrafts, take a look at the Moses Mabhida Soccer Stadium, and see monkeys everywhere.

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It’s a wonderful city no doubts, so I prepared a little video to show you how people spend time in Durban.


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