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On 12th May I arrived to Knysna, the pearl of the Garden Route. Many say it’s the most stunning place in South Africa, and for good reasons. Knysna is a small town, but the mountains, the lagoon, the island and the sea present this unique geography.

On the first day there I rented a bike and went south to East Head, one of the hills on the side of the opening that connect the lagoon with the ocean. Then I had a strawberry milkshake at East Head Café, because I’m badass. Shut up.

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Knysna is a very touristic town, but it’s also very small, so the poor areas and the residential areas are quite close. I took the time to observe some typical examples of the South African culture here.

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On the second day I went shopping for a hat, and I bought a camping tent as well, both on the same store of the Knysna Waterfront Mall. Images are better than words….

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I hope you liked it, if you have any questions post them up in the comments, I’ll be glad to answer.


Author: ubuntutravelblog

I'm from Argentina and I have a passion for traveling. On April '16 I started a trip around Africa and I created this blog to share this adventure with my family and friends.

1 thought on “Knysna”

  1. Hi David, I’ ve been there and yes, the place is fantastic!!! to be there I had to “”be sick” at work, don’t tell this to my ex TL 😉


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